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The Arrested Development Documentary Project

Just when you thought it was safe… So, I watched a movie today, and my reaction to it was strong enough that I actually sat down and started writing some feedback on Amazon… Continue reading

The Change-Up

Over the years Hollywood has produced a lot of body-swapping comedies, (18 Again!, Like Father Like Son, Freaky Friday (twice), Vice Versa) and today’s movie is certainly one of them. The (moderately) unusual… Continue reading


Today’s movie is Paul the latest acting collaboration from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, (well technically they were in The Adventures of Tintin, but that wasn’t really their movie). It’s a foul-mouthed comedy… Continue reading

The Switch

Every once in a while a movie comes along where I’ll take one look at the premise, and just feel a little bit worse about myself for living in a society where such… Continue reading