Personal Best

Released in 1982, today’s movie Personal Best chronicles the journey of a confused young track star, from failure at the 1976 Olympic trials, through to the 1980 qualifiers, ultimately rendered moot by an… Continue reading


For today’s selection I’m once again taking sip from the well of East Asian cinema, unlike last time, today I’m left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Today’s movie… Continue reading


Modern Pentathlon is a ridiculous sport and that’s what makes it fantastic. The only event specifically created for the modern Olympic games it combines swimming, cross-country running, equestrian show jumping, pistol shooting, and… Continue reading

Quick Take: The Dark Knight Rises

So I finally had a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises today, but of course I couldn’t possibly spin it as an Olympic movie. Also, I’ve already reviewed one movie today, so… Continue reading

Balls of Fury

I’m pissed off. A few hours have now passed since I finished watching 2007’s Balls of Fury, and I’m still angry about how bad was it. And that’s really saying something, because I… Continue reading

Million Dollar Legs

I’m now about a week into my Olympic Film Festival, and I am astonished at how difficult it is proving to find actual movies about the Olympics. Made for TV documentaries and specials… Continue reading

International Velvet

In 1944 MGM released National Velvet the film starring Elizabeth Taylor as “National” Velvet Brown, who rides in and wins the Grand National horse race only to be denied her prize when it’s… Continue reading

The Games

If you’ve heard of director Michael Winner it’s probably as the guy who directed very 80’s action movies like the Death Wish series. But back in 1970 he directed a film about a… Continue reading


Same story, new day. This time I’m looking at 1997’s Prefontaine. Produced by Disney’s Hollywood Pictures label, and starring Jared Leto as Pre. It would be impossible for me to review this without… Continue reading

Without Limits

One of my favorite things that Hollywood occasionally does is when after ignoring a topic a concept or idea for years suddenly two studios release movies about the same topic, idea, or person.… Continue reading

Forever the Moment

Sometimes a movie leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you’ve just got to change things up. That’s how I felt after yesterday’s debacle of a movie. However, I’m still committed to… Continue reading

American Anthem

From the great heights of cinematic excellence I witnessed yesterday, I have fallen. Crashing through the floorboards I’ve landed in a heaping pile of foulness vomited up by the 80’s and immediately forgotten… Continue reading