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The Mask of Zorro

I’d considered doing away with Saturday Replay as a “thing”, and using the just passed Potter Week+ as a demarcation point, (since I’d seen all eight of those movies before.) Of course, the… Continue reading

The Parking Lot Movie

For today’s Saturday replay I decided to re-visit a documentary that really surprised me with its quality when I first watched it a couple years ago. It’s an excellent example of how a… Continue reading

Pulp Fiction

Today’s Saturday Replay is Pulp Fiction. What can I possibly say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? It’s an utterly fantastic movie experience. It’s a movie about criminals, but it’s not… Continue reading

Empire Records

Today’s Saturday Replay came out when I was in High School, though I’m pretty sure I never saw it until I was in college. It’s essentially what you’d get if you mashed up… Continue reading


Today was an eventful day for me. After many years of inconsistent service, my old Hyundai Sonata finally was declared beyond repair, and I had to replace it. This, of course, wound up… Continue reading

The Blues Brothers

Today’s Saturday Replay is another all-time classic. Honestly, if you’ve never seen The Blues Brothers, do yourself a favor and just go ahead and see it. I myself had never seen the movie… Continue reading

Groundhog Day

I’ve been looking forward to today’s review for months. Truth be told, this would have been one of the first movies I watched for a Saturday replay, but I decided to look ahead,… Continue reading

Toy Story 3

I’m actually having a little bit of trouble with today’s Saturday Replay. I first saw Toy Story 3 early in its theatrical run. My impression at the time was that it wasn’t just… Continue reading

The Mighty Ducks

Since I’ve done a couple hockey movies this week, and since today was, finally, opening day for the NHL, I decided that today’s Saturday Replay should take me back to the first hockey… Continue reading

Slap Shot

Today marked the formal end of the NHL lockout, so in honor of the return of hockey today’s movie is the mother of all sports comedies, Slap Shot. The film is really a… Continue reading


Today’s Saturday Replay is a fundamental and unambiguous skewering of modern consumer culture, but Idiocracy is part of a long line of dystopian fiction. Writer/director Mike Judge is a master at taking common-sense… Continue reading

Herb and Dorothy

I don’t often re-watch documentaries, but today’s movie, Herb & Dorothy is a worthy exception to that rule. On the surface it’s a simple story about a couple of devoted art collectors, scratch… Continue reading