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The Mask of Zorro

I’d considered doing away with Saturday Replay as a “thing”, and using the just passed Potter Week+ as a demarcation point, (since I’d seen all eight of those movies before.) Of course, the… Continue reading

Django Unchained

A masterful piece of filmmaking, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, is powerful but excessive violence and self-indulgence diminish the power of the film more than they improve its entertainment value. I have to confess… Continue reading

Blood on My Name

Sunday Single Sentence review: With an impressive visual style that belies its humble origins, Blood on My Name successfully combines a musical with a gritty Southern Gothic story about criminals looking for redemption.… Continue reading

Cowboys & Aliens

When I first saw the trailers for Cowboys & Aliens I was pretty excited. I am, generally speaking, a fan of genre mash-ups like this, because I think they breed all kinds of… Continue reading

High Noon

Single Sentence review: An unconventional western, High Noon, starring Gary Cooper as the courageous and stubborn Marshall Will Kane, is a brilliantly creative drama, well deserving of its esteemed place in cinematic history.… Continue reading

The Warrior’s Way

Sunday Single Sentence review: Featuring ninjas versus cowboys versus circus performers and a truly great cinematic bad-guy, (Danny Huston as The Colonel,) this enjoyable, visually-striking, yet flawed fantasy western action film is slick,… Continue reading