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Sunday Single Sentence review: Last year’s Oscar-winner for Best Documentary Feature, Undefeated, is an emotional, well constructed, sports documentary about the players and volunteer coach of a struggling inner-city high school football team… Continue reading

The Mighty Ducks

Since I’ve done a couple hockey movies this week, and since today was, finally, opening day for the NHL, I decided that today’s Saturday Replay should take me back to the first hockey… Continue reading

The Puck Hogs

As I write this, there are less than twenty-four hours to go before the finally puck drops on a new NHL season, so I decided to celebrate that by watching another movie about… Continue reading

Slap Shot

Today marked the formal end of the NHL lockout, so in honor of the return of hockey today’s movie is the mother of all sports comedies, Slap Shot. The film is really a… Continue reading

Fake It So Real

A couple months ago I watched and reviewed, Card Subject to Change, a documentary about the world of my favorite art form, independent professional wrestling. While I was disappointed by that movie, I… Continue reading

The Hopeful

Sunday Single Sentence Review: Lacking a cohesive narrative, and featuring a subject, (teen quarterback Cody Keith, the son of affluent, loving, but obsessive North Carolina stage sports-parents,) who isn’t quite as sympathetic as… Continue reading

Win Win

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this review. Normally, I like to take a few hours between when I finish watching a movie and when I sit down to write… Continue reading

Pulling John

After a bit of a documentary overload a while back, I’ve backed away from the format, in part because I’m not really sure I was doing a great job of rating them fairly.… Continue reading

The Princess Bride

Since I’ve started watching and reviewing One Movie Each Day, I’ve stuck exclusively to movies that I hadn’t seen prior to starting out on this blogging adventure. However, as I said last week,… Continue reading

Trouble with the Curve

I expected to love this movie. It had everything going for it, but like a top prospect that has all the tools but can’t hit Uncle Charlie, Trouble with the Curve can’t seem… Continue reading

Card Subject to Change

I’m a fan of independent professional wrestling, the low-budget stuff found in local bars, Eagles’ Clubs, and park district fieldhouses. The stuff that is to WWE what indy rock is to the American… Continue reading


The last time I tried watching a baseball documentary it was a total mess. Despite that, I went was really looking forward to today’s movie, Knuckleball! For once, at least, my anticipation was… Continue reading