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The Decelerators

We now interrupt our indeterminate hiatus to actually discuss a film: The Decelerators by Mark Slutsky. Lest anyone get too excited about my return to blogging, it’s a short film, a five-minute short… Continue reading

Sing a Song of Six Pants

After yesterday’s exercise in unsavory cinematic foulness, I needed to rebound with something to get the bad taste out of my mouth. So I figured it was as good a time as any… Continue reading


Sunday Single Sentence review: Today’s movie, Surveillant, a 2012 French-Canadian short, is neatly directed and features some very clever cinematic techniques, but the narrative, (focusing on yet another front in the ancient conflict… Continue reading


As I seem to mention every time I watch one, I’m not a big fan of dark comedies. However, I’m starting to think that they’re a genre particularly well suited to a short… Continue reading

Miracle Fish

Sunday Single Sentence review: Well-staged, and somewhat disturbing, but not particularly profound, Miracle Fish, an Oscar-nominated Australian short film from 2009, neatly crafts a very bleak story into seventeen minutes, but its short… Continue reading


Documentary Week rolls along with today’s movie, Kevin, a 35 minute short and the first documentary from emerging filmmaker, Jay Duplass. Living in Austin, Texas in the early nineties, Duplass was an admirer of local… Continue reading

C: 299,792 Kilometers per Second

Today’s movie is C: 299,792 Kilometers per Second, a crowd-funded, independent sci-fi short that is noteworthy for eschewing any modern digital effects, in favor of old school, practical effects. In place of green… Continue reading

The Eagleman Stag

Back when I was doing my Winter Shorts series, I found Short of the Week to be an invaluable resource. They’ve recently named their selection for Short of the Year, so I decided… Continue reading

Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

I bet you thought we were done with these. Well, I did too. (You know, because I said we were done with these.) However early this morning I discovered that all of this… Continue reading

Six Shooter

Today’s movie is Six Shooter an Irish film that won the Academy Award for Best Live Action short in 2006. It’s also the debut film from award-winning playwright Martin McDonagh, who has since… Continue reading


They say that variety is the spice of life. In a continuing attempt to embrace that variety here with One Movie | Each Day, I’ve decided to dedicate each Wednesday review to the… Continue reading


We’re getting towards the end of January, and that means that I’m getting towards the end of my Winter Shorts series, but there are still plenty worthwhile short films to see, so I’m… Continue reading