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Gone, but not forgotten… or well, not quite gone either… somehow this catchy line isn’t working out as well as I’d planned. Anyway, another month has gone by since I made my triumphant… Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

All week long I’ve been reviewing the Harry Potter films in what I’ve cleverly called Potter Week+. If this is the first you’re hearing of this, I’d recommend you take a moment and… Continue reading

Pretty in Pink

So, I finally sat down and watched Pretty in Pink, the middle leg in the John Hughes’ “Dorky Girl Fantasies” trilogy. I really don’t have a lot to say about it. Its a… Continue reading

Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

I bet you thought we were done with these. Well, I did too. (You know, because I said we were done with these.) However early this morning I discovered that all of this… Continue reading

Silver Linings Playbook

Who’d of thought Bradley Cooper could actually act? Today’s movie is Silver Linings Playbook a romantic comedy that breaks out of the cliche’s of that genre and presents itself more like a realist… Continue reading

Groundhog Day

I’ve been looking forward to today’s review for months. Truth be told, this would have been one of the first movies I watched for a Saturday replay, but I decided to look ahead,… Continue reading

Winter Shorts Series: Final Flurries

Well, the time has come for me to bring the One Movie | Each Day Winter Shorts series to an end. It’s been an interesting experience diving so heavily into the world of… Continue reading


Sunday Single Sentence review: A quirky, self-aware, Welsh coming of age story from writer/director Richard Ayoade, (who, (as was the case with Paddy Considine (who also stars in this movie, by the way,)… Continue reading


Sunday Single Sentence review: Devoid of any dialog but containing an effective story none the less, Rest, an art house short that just happens to feature a zombie as its protagonist, is a… Continue reading

George Lucas in Love

Released in 1999, the year that Shakespeare in Love cleaned up at the Oscars, today’s movie, George Lucas in Love is both an affectionate parody of that film, and a clever homage to… Continue reading

Safety Not Guaranteed

Two words spring to my mind as I reflect on today’s movie: Wasted Potential. I’ll explain why shortly, but first some background. In the fall of 1997, content was running a little bit… Continue reading

Teacher of the Year

Today’s movie is Teacher of the Year, a dark romantic-comedy short that’s actually pretty clever even if it essentially relies on just one joke. Co-writer Gil Zabarsky stars as third-grade teacher Ethan Collins.… Continue reading