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That’s right… today is Election day! Here I am of course refering to the 1999 film. Election is a movie that I’ve considered seeing for a long time, but it never really appealed… Continue reading

In the Loop

Single Sentence review: A clever skewering of the upper ranks of modern international bureaucracy, In The Loop is entertaining and at times laugh-out-loud funny, (it even manages to take the lowest of lowbrow… Continue reading

Please Vote for Me

A few years ago something remarkable happened at the Evergreen Primary School in Wuhan, China; while normally the position of Class Monitor is appointed by the a teacher, the students of Class 1,… Continue reading

The Art of the Steal

Sunday Single Sentence review: As passionate and slickly produced as it is smug and condescending, The Art of the Steal presents an emotional and generally effective argument, but, when viewed with a bit… Continue reading

The Campaign

I’ve become somewhat reluctant to watch comedies while they’re still in theaters. It’s not that I don’t like comedy. Quite the contrary, I’d probably consider comedy to be my favorite movie genre. The… Continue reading