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Potter Week+ In Review

Potter Week+: The Sorcerer’s Stone | The Chamber of Secrets | The Prisoner of Azkaban | The Goblet of Fire | The Order of the Phoenix | The Half-Blood Prince | The Deathly… Continue reading

Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

I bet you thought we were done with these. Well, I did too. (You know, because I said we were done with these.) However early this morning I discovered that all of this… Continue reading

Winter Shorts Series: Final Flurries

Well, the time has come for me to bring the One Movie | Each Day Winter Shorts series to an end. It’s been an interesting experience diving so heavily into the world of… Continue reading

Intermission: More Short Shorts

If you’re a regular reader, you’re no doubt aware that I’ve been reviewing a fair number of shorts lately. However, I find that it’s probably not worth your time or mine to devote… Continue reading

Intermission: Super Short Shorts

Since I’ve started with my Winter Shorts series, I’ve tried to keep the short films I’ve selected for review in the 12-25 minute range, at a minimum. That said, there have been a… Continue reading

Intermisson: Movies I’ve Started but not Finished

In the time I’ve been reviewing movies for this blog, there have been a few occasions when I’ve started watching a movie, but decided to give up and watch something else instead. I’ve… Continue reading