What happened?

What Happened

Well, it finally happened. Yesterday, April 8th came and went with no new entry on One Move Each Day. Did you notice?

It’s not like I was busy yesterday, I actually took a sick day from work, so I certainly had all the opportunity in the world to watch a movie and tell you what I thought of it. I just didn’t feel up to it. This whole project was supposed to be something fun for me, and a way to finally get around to seeing those movies “I’d been meaning to see” for a long time. Somewhere along the line it started to feel like a little bit of a burden, then it stopped being quite so much fun.

So yesterday, when I was laying around feeling gross, instead of watching a movie, I decided to focus on re-watching a bunch of old episodes of How I Met Your Mother, a couple episodes of Cheers, and finishing up my latest Mass Effect play-through. It was actually kind of nice.

For the record.

The thing is, the next few months look like they’re going to be something of a transitional period in my life, and I’m already enough of a world-class procrastinator that I probably don’t need to be making it a priority to allocate three hours every day to watch and review a movie. There’s also the fact that I’m becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of my reviews on those days that I’m in a rush. So I think it’s time to finally throw in the towel on literally living up to the name of the blog.

That said, I’m still going to keep things rolling along here, I my goal is to still keep watching and commenting on movies on most days, and to post some sort of movie-related things on most other days. I might even post something today. It’s a It’s something of a new era for OneMovieEachDay.com, we’ll see how it goes.