Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going.

So Cinematic

“Always in motion, the future is.”

It’s hard for me to believe, but a just over a week ago I passed seven months of watching movies and blogging here at One Movie Each Day. Back when I first got started part of my plan was that I’d occasionally pause and comment on how watching a movie every single day was impacting my life.

Obviously that hasn’t happened.

However, today is my birthday, and as such I decided to take a break and, (gasp) not watch or review a movie today. However, I guess I can’t bring myself to go an entire day without posting something, so I decided to try posting some general thoughts about the 32 weeks I’ve been at this.

When I started on this venture, I honestly thought I’d probably bail out on it within a month or so. I suppose that the Olympics falling when they did, relative to me starting this blog was actually a good thing in terms of prolonging this blog’s longevity. My Olympic Film Festival turned out to be a lot of fun for me. I saw a bunch of movies, some of which I never would have even heard of otherwise, and enjoyed participating in the Olympic games in my own little way. It also allowed me to get into the routine of watching a movie every day without immediately burning through the queue of a dozen or so movies I really intended to watch and write about when I conceived the blog.

Living up to this blog’s title is another thing that actually has contributed to keeping things going. With a commitment to doing a new movie review every single day written right there on the label, I quickly found that I couldn’t fall into my normal trap of procrastinating with a post and then procrastinating more because I didn’t want to spend time explaining why it’d been so long since my last post.

Instead One Movie Each Day has turned into something of an insatiable beast, always hungry for more content. When I was first conceiving this blog, my thought was that I’d like to build up a bit of a buffer, and actually be watching and reviewing movies about a week ahead of when they’d be scheduled to go up. That hasn’t happened. I’ve, on occasion, gotten a day ahead, but that’s about the extent of it. Most of the time I’m writing these entries, and finishing them up less than an hour before my theoretical publishing time; (which was more-or-less arbitrarily selected as of 6:43 pm Mountain time). Of course, a lot of times I’m not even finished by then. If you look at my timestamps, there are plenty of times when I’m just barely getting my review posted before midnight.

Perhaps the biggest conclusion that I’ve come to, is that it’s still easier for me to pass my time watching television than movies. There’s something about committing to a single work 90 to 150 minutes at a go. However, I’ll sit down and watch four or five episodes of the same TV series in one sitting, and think almost nothing of it. I’m not entirely sure whether this is because TV series tend to be more of a known quantity, or simply because I like the option of bailing out after thirty minutes or an hour. All this said, once I sit down and actually start watching a movie, (even if it’s a bad one), I generally enjoy myself.

As I continue with the blog there are a few things that are weighing on my mind:


Maybe Weirdness should happen on another day.

I’m not sure what the future will be for my “gimmick” posts. Overall, I really enjoy Wednesday Weirdness, but my interest into delving into the “stranger side of cinema” often doesn’t neatly line up with Wednesday arriving on the calendar. So, I’m thinking that I might liberate Weirdness from Wednesday, but maybe not. I’ve got a similar feeling for my Saturday Replays. Since nobody else really knows what movies I have or haven’t seen, I’m not sure that there’s even a reason for this gimmick to exist. It’d be one thing if these reviews were always about my reminiscence, or comparing my memories of watching these movies for the first time to today, but I haven’t been consistent with that at all. As for my Single Sentence reviews, I’ve generally tried to confine these to Sundays and Holidays, however, I’m not sure that they really should be “a thing.”

I’m also thinking that as I go along I might expand beyond just movies for my reviews. I’m thinking maybe I could do television, (maybe reviewing a season of a TV series at a time, maybe just expanding to TV movies.) I’m not sure.

Well, that’s pretty much all I have. If any of you, my readers, have any advice feedback or suggestions I’d love to hear it. Do you like Wednesday Weirdness, or my Single Sentence reviews? Do you think it’d be some sort of cop-out if this blog with “Movie” in the title started featuring reviews of TV series? Comment below, let me know.