The Sitter

The Sitter (2011)

“Can we just, for an hour, pretend you’re a decent human being?”

The Sitter? More like the Shitter!

The preceding is an example of complex and nuanced humor that the people responsible for today’s movie, the 2011 cinematic abortion known as The Sitter could have used to improve their lousy movie.

The film sees Jonah Hill, in all his pre-weight-loss corpulence, as Noah a college drop-out loser with a heart of gold, roped into babysitting three precocious youngsters, and leading them into a series of adult hijinks when his pseudo-girlfriend, Marisa (Ari Graynor) tempts him with the possibility of actually having sex if he’ll just score some drugs and bring them to her at a party in the city.

The whole thing is about as lamely formulaic as possible. There are stupid fart jokes and stupid sex jokes and stupid violence jokes. Then there are some non-profound “life lessons” and everything resolves itself neatly. 

Hill does succeed in making Noah feel like a sympathetic character. Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate well to this film’s brand of  “humor”, as I didn’t find the bad things that kept happening to this guy as funny so much as mildly depressing.

There are one or two fun bits, Sam Rockwell is fantastic as Karl the oddball drug dealer who sincerely proclaims Noah his “eighth best friend” while threatening to kill him.  There’s also a scene where one of the characters is watching American Anthem.

Think about that; The Sitter is so bad that the inclusion of file footage from one of the worst movies I’ve ever reviewed here qualifies as a highlight. It’s a bad, un-funny, unnecessary, poorly conceived movie. Avoid seeing it.

[The Sitter (2011) – Director: David Gordon Green – Rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, drug material and some violence]

OM|ED Rating: Avoid Seeing