The Eagleman Stag

The Eagleman Stag (2010)

“Yes, this seems about right.”

Back when I was doing my Winter Shorts series, I found Short of the Week to be an invaluable resource. They’ve recently named their selection for Short of the Year, so I decided to check it out. Therefore, today’s movie is The Eagleman Stag.

The film is stop-motion animated in a unique white on white style, and it encompasses the entire life of its central character, Peter Eagleman (David Cann), in just under ten minutes. Eagleman, who grows to become an entomologist is throughout his life obsessed with how we perceive the passage of time, how each second is a smaller proportion of one’s life than the second before it.

The movie is introspective and philosophical, and the shades of white animation looks unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s an excellent short film, but I certainly wouldn’t call it the best short of the year. I would call it a perfect example of a film that’s very good, but not great. It’s not a Must See, but it is most certainly Worth Seeing.

[The Eagleman Stag (2010) – Director: Michael Please – Not Rated]

OM|ED Rating: Worth Seeing