Caterpillar (2012)

We’re getting towards the end of January, and that means that I’m getting towards the end of my Winter Shorts series, but there are still plenty worthwhile short films to see, so I’m going to end with a flurry here.

Today’s movie is Caterpillar a simple yet story about… well, that would be spoiling it.

I really did enjoy this short, but I’m at a loss at how to describe it without ruinining the process of discovery at the heart of the short film.

The film begins with an elderly woman (Leslie Bornstein ) sitting alone in an old house, pining, it would seem, for her lost youth, until first one then many caterpillars intrude on her bitter peace leading her to a trans formative experience.

That’s brief, and vague. I know. I’ve been working on this review for a while, and I realize that it mostly consists of me explaining how little I can talk about this film, but the film really is good. While the film lacks any dialogue, Bornstein’s performance successfully expresses everything the narrative needs to convey. The film is also greatly served by some tremendous, though subtle, visual effects. Rather than sitting there and reading me trying to explain the film, I’d recommend you just scroll down and give it a watch below, it’s certainly worth seeing.

(Note for those of you who, like frequent reader and general non-commenter Potato, are easily disturbed by bugs and other harmless but creepy crawly things, you might want to pass on this one.)

[Caterpillar (2012) – Directed by David Field – Not Rated]

OM|ED Rating: Worth SeeingWinter Shorts series