Submarine (2010)

“It’s really rude to leave the film before it’s finished.”

Sunday Single Sentence review:

A quirky, self-aware, Welsh coming of age story from writer/director Richard Ayoade, (who, (as was the case with Paddy Considine (who also stars in this movie, by the way,) in my review of My Wrongs #8245-8249 and 117), I’m familiar with primarily from his starring role in The IT Crowd), Submarine is, for much of it’s running time, almost unwatchably boring, but because it’s beautifully shot, begins and ends well, and is a sufficiently unique on a tired genre, it is worth watching.

[Submarine (2010) – Directed by Richard Ayoade – Rated R for language and some sexual content]

OM|ED Rating: Worth Seeing