Six Dollar Fifty Man

The Six Dollar Fifty Man (2009)

“So, what other powers do you have?”

Today’s movie is The Six Dollar Fifty Man, a short film from New Zealand. I really enjoyed this movie, but I’m having trouble finding much to say about it. So I’m just going to start typing, and hope I come up with something coherent. Consider yourself warned.

The movie, set in a small town in the mid 1970s is about an eight year-old boy named Andy (Oscar Vandy-Connor). Andy is one of the smaller boys in his class, but he’s an intense kid with an active imagination. In Andy’s imagination he has super powers. The bigger kids in his class don’t seem to recognize this, and mock and bully him. (The film’s title comes their taunts when he’s compared to The Six Million Dollar Man.)

Most of the actors in the film are young children, which is always a dicy proposition, but they all do well here. Vandy-Connor is an absolute stand-out. As I mentioned way back when I reviewed Quvenzhané Wallis perfomance in Beasts of the Southern Wild. I’m not sure if what I’m seeing here is a result of great acting or simply great casting, but either way Vandy-Connor really does bring his troubled young character to life.

The film, more than anything else feels tremendously real. It does a fantastic job of telling its story from a child’s point of view, utilizing camera angles and framing to really lock the viewer into the partially obscured world that a child perceives.  It’s definitely worth watching.

[The Six Dollar Fifty Man (2009) – Directed by Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland – Not Rated]

OM|ED Rating: Worth SeeingWinter Shorts series