George Lucas in Love

George Lucas in Love (1999)

“Well, maybe you just weren’t meant to write agricultural space tragedies.”

Released in 1999, the year that Shakespeare in Love cleaned up at the Oscars, today’s movie, George Lucas in Love is both an affectionate parody of that film, and a clever homage to the Star Wars fanchise.

Set at the USC film school in 1967, Martin Hynes stars as a young George Lucas. Lucas is suffering from writer’s block and is having a hard time making any progress on his screenplay about a young “space farmer” until he meets and falls in love Marion (Lisa Jakub) the passionate leader of a “student rebellion,” with a distinctive haircut. Marion inspires Lucas to use the odd characters and events happening around campus to complete his masterpiece.

Writer/director Joe Nussbaum has really created a fun little picture with this short. (And it is the shortest film I’ve covered in a stand-alone review, (clocking in at just under nine minutes), I’d actually heard about the film several times since its release, so I’m giving it a pass for significance in spite of bevity. (Besides it’s New Year’s Eve, who’s even going to read this?)) I am glad that I waited to see this, until after I’d seen Shakespeare in Love, because having seen that film is probably more essential to understanding this movie, than it’d be necessary to have seen Star Wars. This is largely because many of the Star Wars referencesaren’t remotely subtle, and the short running time means that they come pretty fast and furious.

Overall this is simply a fun little film. It’s fun, and a fantastic homage to two movies that I’ve already called “Must See,” However, as good as it is, this short is not so significant or brilliant that I’d say that it also reaches that lofty rating, but it is absolutely worth seeing.

[George Lucas in Love (1999) – Directed by Joe Nussbaum – Not Rated]

OM|ED Rating: Worth SeeingWinter Shorts series