Intermission: Super Short Shorts


Let’s All Go to the Lobby

Since I’ve started with my Winter Shorts series, I’ve tried to keep the short films I’ve selected for review in the 12-25 minute range, at a minimum. That said, there have been a few extremely short films that I’ve also watched, but not reviewed here.

First, I suppose, is that I felt like its already something of a cheat for me to be reviewing short films in the first place, and reviewing something that’s under ten minutes in length really would be tough to justify as a whole day’s entry. Also, I don’t know if some of these films ever had a proper theatrical screening of any sort, which would be another knock against their eligibility to be reviewed here. (And yes, these are all just my own self-imposed rules, but without rules, we’d have chaos.)

Then I had to go and be sick today. After about 24 hours of some pretty severe discomfort, I woke up and realized I had about half an hour to post something here, so voila here we have the second OM|ED intermission. Wherein, I will be taking a quick look at some very short films I’ve watched.

Address is Approximate Address is Approximate

A stop-motion film set in a modern office, where the little office nick-nack toys come to life and use Google street view to simulate a cross-country road trip. While the premise might sound somewhat familiar, this really is a beautiful film. More importantly, it somehow packs more heart into its three-minute running time, than many feature films I’ve seen.omed ratings MS slice

Kiss - A Love StoryKiss: A Love Story

Another visually fantastic three-minute short, Kiss presents some of the most fantastic animation I’ve seen, as it relates the story of…. well, honestly I’m not entirely what the story is. However, if I had to guess, I’d say that its the story of a romance between the Earth and the Moon.

Honestly, the plot doesn’t matter here,  because the images are so fantastic.omed ratings WS slice

The Dame Factory

The Dame Factory

A weird pseudo-titilating feminist film that is either supposed to be a critique of the exploitation of women’s sexuality, or a double-reverse, “who’s really doing the exploiting,” declaration of female empowerment, this movie has some striking visuals, but just isn’t very good, and at eight-minutes it still feels like its too long.

Honestly, my reaction to this film (which features a great deal of footage of raw meat,) might be because of the digestive pyrotechnics I’ve been dealing with today, but I don’t really think that’s it.  This is a movie that’s supposed to impress us all with how provocative it is… but it just, isn’t. omed ratings NS slice

I just want to mention that I discovered all of these films, as well as several others that I’ve reviewed as part of my Winter Shorts series, through Short of the Week a really fantastic site, if you enjoy short films. Certainly its worth checking out.

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