God of Love

God of Love (2010)

“I hate growing older all by myself.”

Another day, and another fantastic short film to review. Today I’ve picked the 2010 Academy Award winner for Best Live Action Short Film, God of Love. Writer/Director Luke Matheny also stars as darts champion/lounge singer Raymond Goodfellow. Ray’s big problem is that he has long in love with his drummer Kelly (Marian Brock), but Kelly has fallen in love with his best friend and guitarist Fozzie (Christopher Hirsh), while Fozzie refuses to acknowledge any of Kelly’s advances because of his friendship with Ray. Things get interesting when Ray receives a box of darts that, much like Cupid’s mythical arrows, will cause anyone struck by them to fall in love.

The film is shot in black and white which, when combined with the jazz-infused soundtrack, creates an atmosphere that’s simultaneously stylish and yet stripped down to a raw reality. Matheny is clearly an incredibly skilled storyteller. His script infuses real humor in its dialogues and situations. The film is funny, and heartwarming, and a little bit sad.

Suffice to say I really loved this film. I’m not sure if it’s actually, objectively, as good as The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, but I liked it more. I found that I related to Ray Goodfellow a good deal more than most “everyman” film protagonists, (despite the fact that I’m terrible at darts, and rarely sing in public). And I really enjoyed the film’s conclusion which felt incredibly appropriate, even if it was somewhat predictable.

On some level I feel like I’m almost being too generous with the way I’m rating these short films. On the other hand, this could be because short films are somewhat of a virgin field for me, and so I’m basically picking and choosing all-time classics, and Oscar winners. This certainly includes today’s movie. While I doubt I’d have seen if were it not for Oscar’s endorsement, I’m certainly not basing my opinion on theirs. So, it should could come as no surprise that God of Love is a must see.

[God of Love (2010) – Directed by Luke Matheny – Not Rated]

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