Monthly Archive: December, 2012

George Lucas in Love

Released in 1999, the year that Shakespeare in Love cleaned up at the Oscars, today’s movie, George Lucas in Love is both an affectionate parody of that film, and a clever homage to… Continue reading

Derek & Simon: The Pity Card

Sunday Single Sentence review: A rejected TV pilot turned film-festival darling from writer/director Bob Odenkirk, Derek & Simon: The Pity Card mines most of its naturalistic humor from the aftermath of a disastrous… Continue reading

Herb and Dorothy

I don’t often re-watch documentaries, but today’s movie, Herb & Dorothy is a worthy exception to that rule. On the surface it’s a simple story about a couple of devoted art collectors, scratch… Continue reading


Today’s film is truly a magnificent twist on a very simple concept. Director Chris Landreth’s Academy Award winning animated short, Ryan, takes a simple interview with a deteriorating artist, and turns that interview… Continue reading

Men in Black 3

I was a big fan of the original Men in Black, it was boldly imaginative, irreverently funny, and just plain cool. Unfortunately, I thought that Men in Black II, was a stupid, derivative,… Continue reading

Umshini Wam (Bring Me My Machinegun)

They say that variety is the spice of life. In a continuing attempt to embrace that variety here with One Movie Each Day, I’ve decided to dedicate each Wednesday review to the stranger… Continue reading

Die Hard

Holiday Single Sentence review: Quite possibly the greatest action/thriller I’ve ever seen, Die Hard is nearly perfect from beginning to end. [Die Hard (1988) – Directed by John McTiernan – Rated R]

Safety Not Guaranteed

Two words spring to my mind as I reflect on today’s movie: Wasted Potential. I’ll explain why shortly, but first some background. In the fall of 1997, content was running a little bit… Continue reading

Two Birds (Smáfuglar)

Sunday Single Sentence review: An Icelandic short film that’s probably more disturbed than disturbing, Two Birds,is a sincere well-executed movie about bad decisions that causes the viewer to ask some serious questions, but… Continue reading

Christmas Vacation

When it comes to Christmas classics, it’s hard to beat the Griswolds. I’ve probably seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation a couple dozen times by now, if not more. Its certainly a Christmas tradition.… Continue reading

Intermission: Super Short Shorts

Since I’ve started with my Winter Shorts series, I’ve tried to keep the short films I’ve selected for review in the 12-25 minute range, at a minimum. That said, there have been a… Continue reading

Teacher of the Year

Today’s movie is Teacher of the Year, a dark romantic-comedy short that’s actually pretty clever even if it essentially relies on just one joke. Co-writer Gil Zabarsky stars as third-grade teacher Ethan Collins.… Continue reading