Friday (1995)

“Lots of hotsauce and all the fries you can give me.”

Since I started One Movie Each Day I’ve tried, from time to time, to pick movies that are relevant to big holidays or events that are going on that day. As such, I was rather disappointed yesterday to find that there really aren’t many movies at all about Thanksgiving. Well, there’s Thankskilling but I’ve already covered that. I found that somewhat surprising. Less surprising, is that there really seems to be no movies at all about Black Friday…. Well…

Today’s movie is Friday, the mid-90’s urban comedy that proved Ice Cube was an actor, and that Chris Tucker was a superstar in the making. (Before he decided to stop making movies.) This is one of those movies that I’ve never had a particular interest in seeing, but I’ve got to acknowledge that its also one of those movies that as someone that was a teenager in the 90’s I really should have seen. And now I have.

As the title would suggest, the film takes place over the course of a single day. Ice Cube plays Craig Jones, a twenty-something living in his parents house in South-central Los Angeles who has to face the day after having been fired the day before, despite it having been his day off. Tucker plays Craig’s stoner friend Smokey. The plot revolves around the pair sitting around with nothing to do all day except watch and participate in the bizarre neighborhood antics that unfold around them as they sit on Craig’s parent’s front porch. Amongst their problems include Craig’s annoying and jealous girlfriend Joi (Paula Jai Parker), his old-school father (John Witherspoon) yelling at him for being shiftless, Big Worm (Faizon Love), a homicidal drug dealer that Smokey owes money to, and the neighborhood bully, Deebo, played by the impressively psychotic Tiny Lister.

This is one of those classic movies that was clearly not made with me as the intended audience. That said, as a non-pot-smoking white guy in the Midwestern suburbs watching the movie alone before work, I still mostly enjoyed the movie. There were more than a few genuinely laugh-out-loud moments, although these were further apart than I would have liked. The movie also gets pretty serious towards the end which caught me off guard. Overall though, it entertained me, and had me caring about the characters by the end, though, not enough for me to want to watch the, (apparently inferior), sequels. Friday is worth seeing.

[Friday (1995) – Directed by F. Gary Gray – Rated R for pervasive strong language and drug use, and for a brutal fight]

OM|ED Rating: Worth Seeing