Casa de mi Padre

Casa de Mi Padre (2012)

“Mexico will be a better place without me.”

What a disaster. Today’s movie, Will Farrell’s Spanish-language comedy, Casa de mi Padre, probably would have made a pretty funny 8-10 minute video for or SNL sketch, but it fails miserably as a feature film. Ostensibly a spoof of Mexican westerns and telenovelas, the film fails to include anywhere near enough humor to justify its 84 minute running time. There are a few laughs to be found, but they’re few and far between. In the absence of sufficient humor, we’re left with a poorly-edited Spanish-language melodrama. The only real joke is on anyone that made make the mistake of paying to see this movie. It should be avoided.

[Casa de mi Padre (2012) – Directed by Max Piedmont – Rated R for bloody violence, language, some sexual content and drug use]

OM|ED Rating: Avoid Seeing