Thankskilling (2009)

“Now that’s what I call fowl play.”

They say that variety is the spice of life. In a continuing attempt to embrace that variety here with One Movie Each Day, I’ve decided to dedicate each Wednesday review to the stranger side of cinema, the type of movies that I’d never normally watch, but that I’m kind of secretly glad exist. Of course, this week Wednesday was otherwise occupied. So, in celebration or in condemnation of the eccentric, the odd, the freaky, the kinky, the ghastly, the freaky, the fearful, the flaky, and the freaky and as part of my 13 Days of Halloween movie series, I now present here in a special Thursday edition, the tenth installment of Wednesday Weirdness.

There are movies that are bad… then there are movies that are so bad they’re good… then there are movies that are just so bad that they’re bad again… but tonight’s movie verges on a new category…. Thankskilling  nearly enters this transcendent so bad it’s still bad but good in an absurd way. I said it almost gets there. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite make it. Instead it’s just stupid, and horribly acted, and just lousy.

Obviously one doesn’t sit down to watch a movie called Thankskilling, a movie about an axe-wielding turkey called Turkie who goes on a killing spree, a movie with a reported $3,500 budget, expecting a good movie. But wow, is this stupid. Honestly if this movie had, for even five minutes, pretended to aspire to be something better than complete and utter garbage it might have been weirdly funny. Unfortunately, it’s just plain bad. Avoid seeing it.

[Thankskilling (2009) – Directed by Jordan Downey – Unrated]

OM|ED Rating: Avoid Seeing