13 Movies | 13 Days of Halloween.

If you’ve been looking around this website as of late, you’ve probably noticed some changes have been afoot.

One of the things that my re-organization effort required, was for me to go through all my prior blog entries, and get them squared away for the new category options. This reminded me of the fun side of my Olympic Film Festival. By the time I got to the end of that effort back in August I was more than a little frustrated by what turned out to be a very limited slate of movies about The Olympics and Olympians to choose from. However, it was a fun little interlude. So I’ve decided to try something similar.

Thus, I am beginning the Thirteen Days of Halloween film festival, or 13 Movies | 13 Days. Or whatever name I wind up settling on.  Anyhow for the next 13 days, beginning today, I’ll be watching and reviewing horror movies. Now I realize that Halloween is now less than 13 days away, but sine 10/31 falls on a Wednesday, I’m going to count up until that following weekend as Halloween Week I know it’s a bit of a cheat, but 11 days of Halloween just wouldn’t be the same.