Intermisson: Movies I’ve Started but not Finished


Let’s All Go to the Lobby

In the time I’ve been reviewing movies for this blog, there have been a few occasions when I’ve started watching a movie, but decided to give up and watch something else instead. I’ve decided that I really should give at least a little bit of time to these films. Such that they are. I’ll be covering three of these movies here today, and they range the gamut from a “classic” that spawned a franchise, to B-Movie schlock.  Interestingly, they’re all comedies… more or less. I’m thinking that this is actually because, not in spite of, the fact that comedy is generally my go-to genre. this not only means that I’ve got less comedies that I still have been meaning to see, but also means that I’m more likely to take a risk on a comedy.  Sometimes that risk has resulted in a movie that I could not bring myself to sit through.

Oh, God !(1977)

“I don’t permit the suffering – you do.”

Oh, God!

An alleged comedy classic, this 1977 release starring George Burns as God spawned two sequels. Unfortunately, this, the first film, was apparently intended as a star vehicle for John Denver. Denver may have been a remarkable singer/songwriter, but he’s no actor. After watching about forty minutes of Denver whining at everybody he encountered, with Burns yet to appear on camera, I called it quits.

It was a disappointment. I am a fan of George Burns, though I haven’t seen that much of his actual material. Certainly his performance as the Lord was popular enough that people kept wanting to pay to come back to see it again and again. It was too bad that the film had to be structured to require sitting through a first act entirely reliant on the sincere but out-of-his-element efforts by someone who just isn’t an actor. I think I finished, maybe a third of this movie, not enough to rate.

[Oh, God! (1977) – Directed by Carl Reiner – Rated PG]


Zombies Zombies Zombies (2008)

“Who the Hell makes this garbage!”

Zombies Zombies Zombies

I tried to watch this one as a Wednesday Weirdness entry. It’s a movie about strippers fighting zombies. It seems to be sort of meta, well aware of how stupid it is. Unfortunately, it’s still just unwatchably bad. I think that if this had tried to just ramp up the sillyness, the sexyness, and the zombie-bashing violence. However, for some bizarre reason, the movie slows down after an initial action sequence, and tries to actually develop its one dimensional characters into two dimensional characters. This is probably a mistake. I got impossibly bored, and gave up.  It was a bit of a disappointment, not that I expected this to be a good movie. Not by any means whatsoever. I did expect it to be mindless entertainment, but what I got was just boring. Still, part of me wants to go back and see if I can plow through it. Of course, it’s also a straight-to-video movie, so I probably shouldn’t have counted it anyhow.

[Zombies Zombies Zombies (2008) – Directed by Jason Murphy – Not Rated]


Scorched (2003)

“Well I think your shirt just about says it all.”


A interesting cast, and a premise that seemed full of potential. Unfortunately, the production just looked… I don’t know… cheap… and silly.

This looked like it had some potential, but I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it was the wrong movie on the wrong day, but I bailed out pretty quick on this one. If there’s one movie on this list that I feel I didn’t give a fare shake to, it’d be Scorched. It’s entirely possible that I may give this a proper review down the road.

[Scorched (2003) – Directed by Gavin Grazer – Rated PG-13 for language]