Deep Water

Deep Water (2006)

“…and then the game develops.”

Two months in, and I’m hitting something of a wall with my daily reviews here. Today I watched a fantastic documentary, and yet I’ve still managed to put off writing my thoughts until essentially the last possible minute. Of course it’s the last minute before my own self-imposed deadline. But if I’m going to do this, I’ve got to do right by myself. So I’m going to be ultra brief, and say that Deep Water, a documentary about the race to become the first and the fastest ever to sail around the world solo and without interruption  is a must see.

I’m hoping that I’ll come back later with more thoughts. Maybe that will happen. Of course, I haven’t finished reviewing Griff the Inivsible yet a week after its rump of a review. Come to think of it, that was Saturday too. Maybe I need to come up with some sort os gimmick to get through these weekend reviews. For now… I’m going to play a video game, then go to sleep.

[Deep Water (2006) – Directed b Louise Osmond & Jerry Rothwell – Rated PG for thematic elements, mild language and incidental smoking]
OM|ED Rating: Must See