Beverly Hills Cop III

Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)

“Axel, you on a coffee break?”

I’ve got something of a completionist in me, so despite my disappointment with Beverly Hills Cop II yesterday, I couldn’t resist finishing off the series today.

What a mistake.

Beverly Hills Cop III starts off a lot better than II, in fact for the first half hour I thought I might end up redeeming the series. The film does manage to avoid the tone problems that plagued II. Unfortunately even in the early parts it replaces those with serious pacing problems. After establishing a pretty good premise, and a plot that’s not just a rehash of the prior films, it starts to bog down. I was happy to seen Bronson Pinchot return as Serge, but then his scene introducing Chekhov’s gun just goes on and on, and never quite manages to be funny. That would be a recurring theme. There are several scenes that are obviously intended to be the funny parts, but they never are. Unfortunately, the real problem is the script. As the film goes along it just gets stupider, and stupider, and stupider. Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold are both either unable or interested in trying to make something out of nothing. Overall the movie is just not good, and definitely not worth seeing.

Edit: I’ve given it some more thought, and I’ve decided I was being too generous. This movie is not good enough to be called “not worth seeing.” I’ve never revised a rating after I’ve posted a review before, but this is bugging me, so I’m giving myself some leeway. Beverly Hills Cop III should be avoided.

[Beverly Hills Cop III – Directed by John Landis – Rated R for language and some violence]

OM|ED Rating: Avoid Seeing