Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

“Pay attention and you will see how genius creates a legend. “

Back in 1999 I was just enough of a nerd about both theater and history, that I not only had no interest in seeing Shakespeare in Love, but I was also really annoyed when it won a bunch of Oscars. So, once again, this blog has allowed me the opportunity to discover that I was wildly incorrect when prejudging a fantastic movie.

I did spend about the first ten minutes of this movie getting annoyed by historical inaccuracies, but as the movie moved along, and I figured out what they were doing, it really pulled me in. The film is really something special. It’s heart-warming, romantic, and fun. While it’s not nearly historically accurate it is clearly a lovingly-crafted re-imagining of history, and just plausible enough that it could almost be true. I see now why it won all those awards. In my case, at least it inspired me to want to find out a bit more about the real people these characters were based upon, and reminded me of just how good Shakespeare’s writing really is. I might even do a Shakespeare week here on OM|ED in the not too distant future. As for Shakespeare in Love, it’s a must see.

[Shakespeare in Love (1998) – Directed by John Madden – Rated R for sexuality]

OM|ED Rating: Must See