Beer Wars

Beer Wars (2009)

“But is it just about beer?”

A clear vanity project by non-filmmaker Anat Baron, Beer Wars purports to be a documentary about independent micro-brewers and their struggle to carve-out a niche in a marketplace dominated by a few major players, but is in fact a poorly-conceived, poorly-executed 90 minute harangue against the three major US brewers, and particularly against Anheuser Busch.

On paper Anat Baron might seem like an odd choice to write, produce, and direct a documentary about micro-brewing. She is a former executive of a mid-sized non-beer company (Mike’s Hard Lemonade) who, herself, is allergic to alcohol, also aside from an Excecutive Producer credit on one crappy movie from 1999 that nobody’s ever heard of, she has absolutely no credits on IMDb before or after this film. Nevertheless, Beer Wars happened. It shouldn’t have. Don’t waste your time on it. I could write a lot more about this terrible film, but that would require me to spend more time thinking about it. This is a sorry excuse for a movie, and I won’t be spending any more time writing about it. Avoid.

[Beer Wars (2009) – Directed by Anat Baron – Not Rated]

OM|ED Rating: Avoid Seeing