Back to School

Back to School (1986)

“Are you jealous of Thornton Melon?”

Looks like I’m running a little late with today’s update, but my obligation  to my loyal readers (both of you) won’t be forgotten, so here’s a quick take on today’s movie.

Yesterday I was surprised to hear that area schools are now back in session. This reminded me of another movie from The List of movies I’ve been meaning to see, and so today I watched the quintessential 80’s comedy, Back to School. I’ve often seen this Rodney Dangerfield vehicle referred to as an essential film, but honestly, the movie itself wasn’t all that good. The plot is silly and jumps around, and most of the supporting performances are pretty weak. However, the movie is not without a real strength in Dangerfield’s performance as billionaire “tall and fat” clothing magnate turned college freshman Thornton Melon. One other stand-out character was Derek Lutz played by somebody called Robert Downey Jr, I’ll have to do so research to see if he’s ever been in anything else, because he doesn’t get nearly enough screen time here.

Overall Back to School is a fairly predictable and formulaic 80’s goofball comedy, but the performances by Downey, and particularly by Dangerfield overcome some weak material to make the film worth seeing.

[Back to Schools (1986) – Directed by Alan Metter – Rated PG-13]

OM|ED Rating: Worth Seeing