Some Olympic Love

OM|ED Olympic Film Festival

“Citius, Altius, Fortius”

I love the Olympics.

I love the pomp and fanfare.

I love the history.

I love the inspiring, beautiful side of nationalism it brings forth.

I love the footage of panoramic local vistas that accompanies NBC’s coverage.

I love the athleticism.

I love swimming.

I love the human interest stories.

I love the sportsmanship.

I love the radical differences between men’s and women’s gymnastics.

I love the opportunity to learn more about the host city and country.

I love fencing.

I love the thrill of victory.

I love the agony of defeat.

I love John Williams’ fanfare playing over and over on my TV.

I love the elation on the face of athletes who have little hope of winning but who are just thrilled to be there.

I love the sight of celebrity mufti-millionaire athletes from mainstream sports walking into a stadium as equals, side-by-side and equally excited as their peers with less famous names from less financially rewarding sports.

I love that Modern Pentathlon is a thing.

I love the triumph of the human spirit.

I love the crazy venues.

I love the inversion of normal sports broadcast priorities… “To watch an team of NBA superstars in action turn to Channel 745, up next here on Channel 5… Archery!!”

I love Women’s Beach Volleyball.

I love people accomplishing things that have never been accomplished before.

Most of all, I love plopping down on the couch and watching some obscure sports I otherwise know nothing about for 5 hours every night for two and a half weeks.

The Olympics are more than my favorite sporting event, they’re my favorite event.

That said, I probably should have given a little more thought to timing when I decided to start this whole project. One movie each day is going to cut directly into my Olympics watching time. But I’ve come up with a solution. For the next seventeen days I’m going to watch only movies about the Olympics. This might be a bit of a challenge, certainly I’m going to have to go beyond The List of movies I’ve been meaning to see. As always, my goal is to stick to theatrical releases, and avoid movies I’ve already seen. I’m going to try to stick to the Summer Olympics if I can. (Besides, I’ve already seen Miracle, Cool Runnings,and, The Cutting Edge.)

So there it is, my way of maintaining the Olympic spirit with One Movie, Each Day.

OM|ED - Olympic Film Festival