Monthly Archive: July, 2012


Same story, new day. This time I’m looking at 1997’s Prefontaine. Produced by Disney’s Hollywood Pictures label, and starring Jared Leto as Pre. It would be impossible for me to review this without… Continue reading

Without Limits

One of my favorite things that Hollywood occasionally does is when after ignoring a topic a concept or idea for years suddenly two studios release movies about the same topic, idea, or person.… Continue reading

Forever the Moment

Sometimes a movie leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you’ve just got to change things up. That’s how I felt after yesterday’s debacle of a movie. However, I’m still committed to… Continue reading

American Anthem

From the great heights of cinematic excellence I witnessed yesterday, I have fallen. Crashing through the floorboards I’ve landed in a heaping pile of foulness vomited up by the 80’s and immediately forgotten… Continue reading

Chariots of Fire

If I’m going to do this, I’d best do it right. And really, there is no other way I could have started my Olympic Film Festival to celebrate the London games than by… Continue reading

Some Olympic Love

I love the Olympics. I love the pomp and fanfare. I love the history. I love the inspiring, beautiful side of nationalism it brings forth. I love the footage of panoramic local vistas… Continue reading

Ella Enchanted

Fact 1: As I work my way through The List of movies I’ve been meaning to see Anne Hathaway is going to pop up quite a bit, because, believe it or not, prior… Continue reading

Fright Night

So Chekov (#2) and The Doctor (#10) team up to fight Sonny Crocket (#2)…. well not really, it’s the 2011 remake of Fright Night. That pitch is basically the reason I decided to… Continue reading

She’s Out of My League

Coming off of my massive disappointment with The Grey, I felt the need to go in a different direction. Here we have She’s Out of My League, a movie that is fully aware… Continue reading

The Grey

This movie is just bad. I’ve seen a lot of stupid movies in my time, films like Dude, Where’s My Car or  Crank, or countless others. The thing is these movies normally know… Continue reading


First up and out of the gate is Ryan Gosling in Drive. This is actually the first I’ve seen of Gosling as an actor, although there are a couple more movies on The… Continue reading

Hey there,

  My name is Josh, and I like movies. Unfortunately, when I look at my actual viewing habits it seems that I like the IDEA of movies more than I actually like watching… Continue reading